Chakra Lotus Enlightenment Pendant TPD4961

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The Chakra Lotus Enlightenment Pendant beautifully merges the essence of the seven chakras with the purity of the lotus, creating a powerful symbol of spiritual harmony. Each color represents a chakra:

Red (Genuine Garnet) for the root chakra, symbolizing safety;

Orange (Orange Cubic Zirconia) for the sacral chakra, embodying creativity;

Yellow (Genuine Citrine) for the solar plexus chakra, denoting personal will;

Green (Emerald Glass) for the heart chakra, representing love;

Blue (Genuine Blue Topaz) for the throat chakra, signifying communication;

Indigo (Created Sapphire) for the third eye chakra, evoking intuition;

and Violet (Genuine Amethyst) for the crown chakra, symbolizing spiritual consciousness.

This pendant is a testament to the journey of enlightenment.

Allow 14-21 days for the creation and dispatch of this meaningful symbol of your journey.


- Chain is not included 

Measure: 1" (2.5 cm) H include Bale

Material: .925 Sterling Silver

Finished: Hand Polished for Finest Quality.

Measurements are approximate.