Journey Embrace AA Symbol Bracelet TBG689

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Material: Synthetic Mother of Pearl
Size: 7"

Celebrate each step of your sober journey with the Journey Embrace AA Symbol Bracelet. Expertly crafted from fine silver, this bracelet from Peter Stone Jewelry is an emblem of your commitment to recovery and the community it fosters. Its subtle yet significant AA symbol serves as a gentle reminder of strength and support along your path. As a made-to-order treasure, it symbolizes the dedication and patience inherent in the journey of sobriety.

Each piece takes 14-21 days to ship, ensuring your item is crafted with the attention it deserves, complete with tracking for your peace of mind.

Details :

- .925 Sterling Silver with Inlaid Stone

- 7" and 8" Length

- Symbol size 10 mm. Diameter

- FREE Jewelry Pouch


Material: Synthetic Mother of Pearl
Size: 7"